New Amazing Single Origins

SUMATRANAN GANJANG - Sweet fruit, spice , chocloate and a great body..
ETHIOPIAN GUJI - Strawberry and chocolate bomb..
GUJI NEFAS FARM NATURAL- Floral necter sweetness with rich cherry
SIDAMA SHILICHO - Candied citrus, blackcurrant and chocolate.
ETHIOPIAN BONKO- Fragrant florals,citrus, bakers chocolate
LIMU LEGESSE LEMMA-Lemon wafer,orchid blossom,maple syrup
SIDAMA SHILCHO-Rose water, mandarine,honey
YEMEN Al GHAYOUL-Chocolate,blood orange, nutmeg

HAMBELA ESTATE- Blueberry, stonefruit, malt
LINTONG BLUE RATU- Darck chocolate, whiskey, spices
KOKE WASHED- Blossom aroma, clean apple acidity tropical fruit

New Blends

THE HOLIDAY BLEND - Fruit Cake Spice Mulled wine & Blueberries
DRUMMER BOY - Deep chocolate tones with a sweet srawberry finish.
THE CHIEF ROCKER - Belgium chocolate, sweet caramel, and dark fruit.
KNUKLES UP - Chocolate Nougat and sweet berry compot.